Better Days

Better Days

Friday, September 21, 2012

Writers Block

I find it interesting that my blogger is still linked to my computer. It has been years since I last posted. I need to make an everyday thing of this. Well, maybe not everyday but at least be consistent. But then again this is the same person who just found out about how useful twitter is -_-. I use a computer daily and I still feel new to it.
Actually I was surprised I could get it working. My USB drivers weren't working properly and I was getting worried. Being a writer a computer is the most vital thing to have. Reason lay because my spelling is just awful. I'm sure most can out spell me. And I guess another reason is that it makes my writing readable... I do need to work on my penmanship. I kind of worry about the future generation of kids who will count on computers and less on pen and paper. But I guess there is no changing what is to come. I finally enrolled into school for creative writing. Its online which fits my schedule because I need to work full time to afford anything. Yet again that's how the world works. You have to throw away a little of passion to get you somewhere.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Random is what Random does ...

So I just remembered today that I actually had a blogger which is weird considering when I found it it was blank. Made me laugh actually because I'm one of those people who feels that I'm not really that important to read about less write about but I'm doing it anyway. I think I was on here in the past but I can't remember. Haven't used to internet like that I usually look up info and such. Basically on my computer I write and I've been doing it for such a long time that its becoming natural. When I say write I mean stories/novels. I've finished two of them and now working on another one. I also write poetry but I feel like I haven't wrote anything worth mentioning in such a long time. Funny that I still have these insecuties about something I feel so confrontable about. Its hard to explain but writing to me its like apart of my skin. I wonder if other people feel that way. Like they are so passionate about something and they feel like its apart of them, apart of their soul. Well that's what I feel like. Because when I write no matter how crappy it seems to me I was able to express myself and I think that's the most important value. To express, to set yourself apart from the population even though you don't think its great. So I guess this is what I've been doing. Who knows maybe I will put some of my writing on here and let everyone criticise it seeing as I don't have much else to say.